Development of Opera Lane, Cork City

Classically Styled Alteration and Extension to Birr Castle, Co. Offaly

Development and Conservation of Brookfield Complex, UCC, Cork



At Southgate Associates we believe that conservation and development are compatible philosophies, and have spent 30 years working with building owners to ensure that heritage buildings are adapted and reused in a sympathetic manner. We believe in delivering comfortable homes, excellent business premises and functional public buildings, but in a manner which simultaneously protects the heritage value of the buildings in question.

We work with planners and local authorities to agree best-practice changes to historic buildings on behalf of our clients, whether building an extension to a vernacular thatched cottage, altering a castle, redesigning the city centre around a few heritage buildings or adapting/reusing historic buildings for incorporation into an expanding University campus. Our work can involve delivering traditional forms of alteration and extension, complete with classical detailing, or involve highly modernist interventions.

Development Services


  • Providing design solutions and assistance with planning permission for urban development within historically sensitive areas.
  • Surveying and assessing heritage significance of historic structures and areas for planning permission, heritage/architectural impact assessments etc.
  • Providing design solutions and strategies for the sensitive development of historic structures to best practice standards.
  • Member of design team with client, engineers/architects at design stage to ensure best practice conservation guidelines are incorporated.
  • Provide the necessary archaeological assistance to satisfy local authority and/or state safeguards that no damage shall be done to vulnerable archaeological fabric.
  • Project manage smaller-scale alterations and extensions.
  • Provide conservation specialism within design teams on multi-million Euro developments that involve heritage buildings and heritage landscapes.

“We deal with all manner of built heritage.”

Southgate Associates can provide project management to smaller development projects, or indeed join design teams as conservation consultant to large multi-million euro projects. We have an excellent reputation with the various authorities which decide on granting approval for changes to historic structures, as we pride ourselves on working to best practice international standards as laid out in the Venice, Burra and Washington Charters.

As a result of advising our clients well, we have a very high success rate at helping our clients to achieve the necessary consents for development.

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